How Social Media Manager Can Dominate At Work

Social media marketing is very easy, right? Well, that’s the common opinion from those who aren’t directly engaged with the ROI’s and result oriented social media marketing. I just want to bring people’s attention to one point, if it’s really that simple then why most social media marketing professionals can’t survive longer on their jobs? The answer is pretty simple, “Social media management is demanding and tactful”.

For social media manager it is significant to make a lasting impression at work which is backed by following best practices, critical thinking and result oriented actionable plans. It sounds so simple, isn’t it? In reality, this isn’t as easy as many would hypothesize. Let me share some of the practices which are outcome of 5 years of experience in managing social media marketing team. These can easily help in generating good results as well as gaining a command over social media marketing.

Social Media Manager Should Review Past Practices (If any):

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It is always integral to find out what the brand had been doing before you start implementing your social media strategy for social media platforms. It will help you understand how the brand wants to project its image in the mind of its target market. Also, you will get to know the response of the audience by going through previous posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. There might be a little need of tweaking the previous practices for receiving better or greater results; on the contrary you can come out with a fresh and unique strategy to generate impressive results.

In cases where you don’t find any prior social media practices, all you need to do is run test posts to find out the response received from brand’s social media audience.

Identify Better Performing Social Media Posts / Content:

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This won’t take much of your time, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer good analytical and statistical data to support which posts did well, exceedingly well and which were disasters. Based on clicks, interactions and shares, you can create a list of best performing posts. What then? Keeping the content module, direction and niche in focus, try to include or add more posts so that better response rate can be achieved from fans and followers of the brand.

This analysis will help in understanding what kind of messages and posts your target audience will give response to. Whether it is a serious post, or towards the lighter side? Whether people prefer blogs on your page or videos or just a simple discussion based on polls etc.? Once you know what worked in the past, it will be comparatively easier for you to create better engagement.

Gauge Industry Dynamics and Competitor’s SWOT

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Making a list of competitors and eyeing what they are up to along with how they are engaging their audience can help you win half the battle. Competitors have almost the same audience which you want to bag for your brand. So, the smart way of making things work for you is to understand fully how your competitor is engaging and extending its market. Once you get to know the drill, all you need is a little alteration with newness and addition of your unique marketing style to the social media marketing plan. Implement the traditional SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) model to enjoy better results.

This has always worked because of careful analysis and understanding of opponent’s marketing model and style. Social media helps you smartly understand and allow me to say “stalk” competitor’s marketing practices, with which it captures a big chunk of your market share.

Emphasize On Content Curation:

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Content curation is the key to attract new fans. With better and interesting content, that is informative and significant for the users there are high chances of taking your social media presence to next level. The responsibility on a content curator is immense but being a social media manager you need to crosscheck and examine the content as much as possible for better engagement and genuineness.

Create Social Media Calendar:

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Based on the insights and details, now you need to derive an aggressive and smart social media calendar to support your devised social media marketing plan. Things will, in a way, become easier and simpler because you will have a distinctive direction. All you will need to do is move from one point to another in pursuit of social media excellence. Keep alterations in your social media calendar, base posts on different flavors to suit the likings of fans and followers. After all, not every fan and follower has the same taste; you need to give variation to your target audience to keep them interested in your page.

Make sure you follow these key tactics, when you are working as social media manager. These practices will immensely help in not only giving a good and positive impression at work but will also help you in gaining better and improved results on social media.

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