4 Social Media Trends For Digital Marketers in Pakistan

Today, the best source of gaining information in Pakistan is social media just like in other countries. For brands in Pakistan, it is essential to market over digital platforms so as to gain more and more potential customers. In Pakistan over the last few years, social media marketing has shaped dramatically. This year and in the years to come, it is expected that the scene of digital marketing in Pakistan will prosper. Following are some important social media marketing trends for digital marketing professionals in Pakistan:

Videos Based Marketing & Advertising Over Social Media

videos on social media

There was a time when brands used to market their videos on platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion or Vimeo etc. but now almost every brand in Pakistan is using live streaming through Facebook and some have even tried hopping on to the Periscope to enjoy the visual endorsing and hype-creation. Over Twitter and Instagram there is a great number of digital marketers in Pakistan who have strategized significant marketing techniques by incorporating video marketing on social media networks like Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram etc. Promoted videos are great way to increase the view-ability.

Paid Twitter Campaigns Will Spread Like Wildfire Over Social Media:

Paid social media campaign

Last year we saw a massive lift on “Twitter Trending”. Many brands associated with beverages, garments, food chains, fashion and style, snacks, banks and automobiles etc. engaged key opinion leaders for Twitter marketing in Pakistan. Many hashtags trended in the past and are still trending while you are reading this post, over Twitter. In future, more brands will embrace Twitter marketing in Pakistan by engaging digital media agencies and independent contractors to take their brand image to the next level.

Buying Through Social Media

Buying on Social Media

Source: Bonanza FB Page

We have already witnessed that Facebook has added the “Buy” button on company pages. The buying pattern over social media in Pakistan has already changed and it is expected to keep on changing when more social media platforms will adopt this feature from Facebook. On the contrary, the “Shop Now” button over Facebook is very much utilized by businesses. With “Buy” button over Facebook Page customers can easily buy products they plan to purchase. In future, Facebook can also add a “Sell” button for the Groups, where group members will be able to sell and purchase used stuff from one another; anything is possible – right?

Boom Of Paid Marketing Over Social Media

Paid Social Media

Those who are working in digital agencies in Pakistan will accept the fact that brands and businesses are fan-hungry (follower hungry). They want more “Facebook likes” and “Twitter Followers” on their business pages and profiles, no matter what. In the times to come, there will be more dependency upon paid marketing and advertising. BE it boosting the posts or sponsoring the tweets or updates; everyone will try to engage more and more audience through paid advertising in Pakistan. Twitter is going through this phase recently, the “Khaaswhatever” campaign by Everyday was backed by a targeted budget to get trended over Twitter for an extended number of weeks. In future there will be more of such instances.

The bottom-line is; if you want to follow digital marketing trends in Pakistan to stay on top of the social media then you need to follow a few (or all) the practices which are mentioned above.

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