Steak Night At Avari Towers Karachi

You cannot just be a steak lover and not know your steaks. I love food and have always been particular about the grade and the cut of the steaks I order wherever I go. Traditionally, steaks were just hunks of meat served with potatoes. For some people, steak is incomplete without a sauce and there are a number of sauces served with steaks like mushroom sauce, flavored butter, hollandaise, barbeque, and peppercorn.

Steak Options At Avari Towers

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Traditionally, sauces are prepared with wine which is not the case in Pakistan but the taste of sauces available here with steaks are pretty great too. I cannot just eat steak without sauce and I like the flavor of all the sauces mentioned above. The best steaks are those made with cuts of meat with muscle fiber. Some of the steak meat cuts I have eaten and enjoyed are T-bone, sirloin, flank and filet mignon. Of these all, I loved filet mignon and T-bone. Both cuts are very different. And I have enjoyed them both.

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I visited Avari Towers Karachi with my wife and son for their steak night and it was something I enjoyed. The steak I ordered was filet mignon and I like my steak to be well done. I chose mushroom sauce to be accompanied with the steak. The temperature of the steak was perfect but the sauce served with the steak was a little too runny for my taste. Also, it was unusual to find rice served with the steak. Traditionally, steaks are served with some kind of potatoes like mashed or baked. My rice were left untouched.

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There was a salad bar complete with veggies and sauces and other condiments to make the salad of our choice. Dessert bar was a surprise as with most steakhouses, they serve (read sell) desserts separately. Desserts ranged from traditional gulab jamun served in hot sheera to tiramisu cake. It was a hearty meal and it enjoyed it fully.

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