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We are living in a digital age. Every emotion is expressed digitally. Whether we are happy, low, in love, joyous, repenting or rejoicing; it has to be there as an evidence of being active on digital media. Social media platforms are the most used digital marketing places which are currently used for improving the digital impact of anything. Companies come up with digital marketing campaigns, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  for almost every occasion, event and what not.

Digitally Trending On Twitter #WhatMothersSay: Mobilink

Currently, Mother’s Day is trending on Twitter and interesting posts are appearing on Facebook in Pakistan, just like other parts of the world. Mobilink has come-up with an interesting Twitter trend specifically dedicated to Mother’s Day. The trend is #WhatMothersSay. It is definitely quite an interesting trend to start in local market.

The interesting thing is that people are following the trend and creating funny yet emotional tweets based on what they kept hearing from their mothers throughout their life. Now that’s a quality sharing of personal information and emotion with a brand. This kind of branding activity is always beneficial to bring customers closer to any brand. It looks like with the help of digitally marketing motherhood, under the spotlight of Mother’s day, Mobilink is definitely getting active on Twitter. It is a good way to digitally reach to prospective clients and target market.

Digital Trend On Twitter #ForeverHainKhushian: Coca Cola Pakistan

Emotions are exploited very smartly over social media, in the name of digital marketing. Trends are created and pushed to build brand awareness based on several emotions. For instance, Coca Cola freshly came up with a trend of #ForeverHainKhushian (Happiness is Forever). Tweets have been trending from multiple accounts and pictures on Facebook and Pinterest are also regularly shared by brand itself and customers. Many press releases have been circulated in a group of bloggers and influential digital marketers to route them to their channels of expression (blogs, profiles, websites etc). This is exactly how to keep resource busy digitally forever.

Digital Trend On Twitter #LittleJoysOfLife: Lays Pakistan

On the contrary, Lays Pakistan also introduced a detailed marketing campaign with hashtag #LittleJoysOfLife. Now that’s quite a repetition, isn’t it? Anyway, everyone today seems more focused on “happiness and joy” when it comes to creating campaigns. In terms of digital marketing’s aspect, this trend is doing fairly well as hoardings and sign boards are installed in different cities of Pakistan with a good number.

Finally, it’s good to see Pakistan’s brands trending on digital media. Hats off to the professionals and enthusiasts related to the field of Digital Marketing in Pakistan. As a digital marketer in Pakistan, it feels great to see interesting and inspirational trends.

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