Twitter Tactics For Social Media Marketing

Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Marketing With Twitter

What comes to your mind when you mention social media marketing to some people? It could either be Facebook or Twitter. There’s a good reason why these 2 names come first on their minds.

You see, social media has been along here for 15 plus years. But many upstarts have lost their relevance in this short gap of time. Facebook and Twitter are not only exceptions to this rule but also the kings of the social arena.

Today we are going to look at Twitter and why it is the biggest social network to market your brands, products and services online.

Twitter – What’s it Good for

Twitter was made for stating your point and moving on from it, as well as for micro-blogging. It accomplished this by relying on a 140 character limit. For the attention spans shortening generations, this feature is considered nothing less than a godsend. Its ease of use, reliability and functionality have made it one of the most sought after social services on the internet, used by as much as half a billion people worldwide.

Tweet Better

Every message (i.e. tweet as they are called on Twitter), has to be crafted with care. This means every message on your account is your sole responsibility. You might want to research how to break news, post tweets, and be relevant in twitter norms. Be smart and be interesting.

Retweet with style

A retweet is, posting others tweet. It has been observed that social media marketers don’t think before reposting duplicate content. This approach can be seen as spammy by your audience so you should take due care in avoiding this sort of reputation. You don’t want your followers to unfollow you now, do you?

Re-posting fresh content, titles and descriptions, when done smartly and correctly, is an excellent approach to Twitter marketing.

And always remember to post content that is relatable to your brand and business.

Follow Twitter Groups

If you are just starting out on Twitter and have no infernal idea about who to follow, then it’s always a good idea to search for groups on Twitter. These groups can be based on similar interests, industry, views, brands and more. They are a perfect means to acquaint yourself with the perfect bunch of followers. Later on you can see what people they follow and expand your sights more and more.

One more thing you should keep in mind is that these groups don’t tolerate spam. So, be relevant and be original. Who knows you can gain a sizeable following for your efforts.

#hashtags R Us

hastags are a social media innovation. They can be used to deadly effect to bring more followers who are searching for a tweet via a search term. They are also identifiers that can help readers identify the tweet and the category it belongs to at a glance.

As you can see, when used with the right rules and conventions, social media is a potent marketing tool. Be sure to learn these tips well.

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