Twitter Upgrade Analysis – The Case of 280 Characters

We are all fascinated with Twitter, although we still have some users who have no idea why everyone is making Twitter “Facebook’s Lookalike”. Those who are designing and executing Twitter campaigns in Pakistan are fully aware of what kind of algorithm alteration Twitter is going through, specifically in this part of the world – Thanks to a few brainless Twitter Trending campaigns. Recently, Twitter has announced that the characters’ limit will double up i.e. 280 characters soon; a few accounts are selected to experience this feature (this reminds me of LinkedIn when it introduced articles publishing feature back in April 2014 – even at that time initially 25,000 users were selected out of 93 million and I was luckily one among those).

Anyway, this entire update is receiving mixed responses from users and people are sharing their opinions through tweeting with the hashtags like #280Characters and #Twitter280 etc.

Twitter – The Microblogging Revolution:

Every social network is designed for certain purpose; Facebook is a personal social network to interact with friends and family, while LinkedIn is a professional social network. Twitter was launched as a microblogging social network where the key point was and still is to start a dialogue with anyone by using their handles. It is considered an art to create interesting, effective and crisp tweets with 140 characters, quite challenging though.

140 Characters And Creative Zing

Marketers and advertisers know the level of struggle they have to go through in order to come up with highly engaging content which does not deviate yet hits the mark accurately. With 140 characters, one has to come up with creative content to attract the target market. We have all studied the 7 and 9 C’s of communication; keeping the communication Concise, Concrete and Clarity play vital role in creating tweets on Twitter. By having 280 characters on Twitter it will become a lot easier for users to express their feelings, and might also, at the same time, become boring for some because tweets will get lengthier.

Death to crisp communication skills

There will be more room given to be creative and share it all rather than holding back due to the constraints of character limit. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to witness interesting and appealing tweets.

More Options To Think For Twitter 

The interesting thing is that users want the following options to be added in the Twitter rather than going for 280 characters,

  • Edit Button
  • Retweet with images
  • More Images
  • Audio Tweets
  • Images with polls

We can hope and expect that soon users will be given with the above mentioned options as well because the target audience of Twitter wants these options and not the 2x character limit.

Twitter’s 280Characters – All About Expressions

Aliza Rosen, Product Manager – Twitter, shares that Twitter has increased the character limit to 280 because at Twitter it is all about letting a user express their feelings without any issue. In English language it takes more characters to compose and express a message as compared to Korean, Japanese or Chinese (source).

It is also noted that most of the tweets in English comprise of 34 characters whereas it takes hardly 15 characters to create a tweet in Japanese. Team at Twitter now wants to fight this frustration so that a user can happily compose a tweet without facing any hindrance.

280 Characters On Twitter Are Like Christmas Letters for Family Gatherings

For those who have seen Twitter from its inception are not appreciating the modification but one has to upgrade as well. Soon all the social media networks will adopt one thing or the other from their competitors and try to offer all services and features under their brand names. We’ve actually seen many social networks adopting features of another social network and trying to cater to the larger number of audience just to make sure that the drop in users can be prevented by giving them all at one network.

Let’s see what more changes Twitter brings to it. Do share your feedback.

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