Experiencing Australian Food Festival At Avari Towers

My brother and his family lives in Australia and he has been all praise about Australian food. He roves and raves about the yummy sea-food; specialty of Sydney Harbor, and I got the chance to test his words when I visited the Australian Food Festival at Avari Towers. I have to say he wasn’t wrong, though lacking the eye-watering and mouth burning spices, Australian food as its distinctive palette. Australian food is not just about sea-food, Australians are huge meat-lovers.

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Australia is a country of diverse cultures and it is evident from the food which is being served in Avari Tower’s Australian Food Festival. What makes this festival even better and authentic is the presence of the Australian head Chef who flew all the way from Australia to create scrumptious meals for the Pakistanis. The food ingredients are imported directly from Australia because of which I got to experience tiger prawns, prime beef steak, many other mouth-watering food.

The entire food festival at Avari Towers is carried out very nicely. There’s a huge range of desserts. For those who have sweet-tooth, they will definitely enjoy their experience. The walnut cake was to drool over; chocolate mousse, strawberry cake and different types of cookies were simply delicious.

Scrumptious Dessert At Australian Food Festival

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One thing which is exemplary about Avari Towers is that every now and then something interesting is happening there. If you want to experience an amazing evening to devour Australian taste then do visit the Australian Food Festival as soon as you can. The food is really good.

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